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Explore ALINKA's signature black diamond edit and add drama to any outfit.



Inspired by the Amalfi Coast, the edit mirrors the serrated contours of the dramatic Italian coastline, combining round brilliant and baguette diamonds to create a striking yet contemporary collection of everyday classics.

Indulge in the beauty of Italian coastal lines with our new Amalfi collection of bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Whether you like to stack line bracelets or wear statement-making drop earrings that you can mix and match with other jewels, we have something for every outfit and occasion. Studded with baguette diamonds and delicate metallic details, our collection of Amalfi necklaces and earrings will help you express your style with poise and elegance.

Amalfi — embrace the beauty of Italian coastal allure

Inspired by the Italian coastline, our new collection of Amalfi accessories exude stylised luxury wrapped in a touch of everyday charm. Detailed with glamorous diamonds, the Amalfi collection will set you apart while seamlessly complementing your personal style. From decadent ear cuffs and drop earrings to understated Amalfi necklaces, enhance your unique personality with every wear.

Renowned for our minimalistic approach to jewellery, our designers have created a special collection of Amalfi bracelets, necklaces and earrings that you can wear and style however  you like. Meticulously designed to ensure a timeless, striking sparkle, our Amalfi necklaces, earrings and bracelets will elevate your daily looks with elegance and femininity. With modern artistic forms blended with a seaside calmness, our Amalfi collection consists of:

  • Amalfi stud earrings — 18K diamond stud designs featuring one brilliant round cut and one baguette-cut white diamond claw set. These can be paired with our ear cuffs and drop earrings for a playful spin and are available in our signature metal finishes.

  • Amalfi drop earrings — A 18K gold diamond drop stud design featuring brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. Pair them with our studs and ear cuffs for a unique look.

  • Amalfi ear cuffs — A statement-making ring with 18K gold diamonds, these cuff earrings feature round brilliant and baguette diamonds. Pair these cuffs with our glamorous studs or drop earring designs for a complete look.

  • Amalfi statement ring— An open-top 18K gold diamond ring adorned with round brilliant and baguette diamonds. Pair with stacked bands for a more edgy everyday style.

  • Amalfi bracelets — Two distinctive bracelet designs made with 18K gold diamonds featuring round brilliant and baguette diamonds. Both the designs feature our signature metallic finishes. Stack them together or wear them with simple metallic bracelets to create an eye-catching jewellery statement. 

Discover exquisite Amalfi earrings, necklaces and bracelets at ALINKA

ALINKA was founded in 2015 by a Sydney-based jewellery designer. It has grown its international presence with stores now located across Sydney, St Petersburg and Moscow. With an increased demand for elegant and simplistic jewellery, celebrities have adorned the collection, and various pieces have been featured in global publications. With its classically understated style and inspiring designs, the Amalfi earrings and bracelets collection is a great way to improve your jewellery box.

Now you’re adding more jewels to your collection, browse our exclusive range of rings, earrings, and other most-wanted styles to find the perfect pieces to represent your personality. Place an order online today and enjoy free worldwide shipping right to your doorstep. If you prefer to choose your jewellery in person or try on different styles and sizes before deciding, visit us at our store in Double Bay, Sydney. Our team will help you select the best accessories to match your taste and style.

AMALFI Stud $2,900 AUD
ANA Necklace $2,300 AUD