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ALINKA Fine Jewellery is a rebelliously modern fine jewellery label steeped in timeless design. ALINKA works exclusively with exceptional quality black and white diamonds, every piece is made in 18ct white, yellow and rose gold. The label has become the go to for the modern woman seeking to elevate her everyday look, with jewellery reflecting her unique sense of style. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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ALINKA combines exceptional quality with expert craftsmanship to create timeless and treasured pieces. Elevate your unique sense of style in sophisticated black and white diamonds and 18 carat white, yellow or rose gold fine jewellery.

ALINKA designs are versatile in their understated glamour allowing you to move from day to night seamlessly. Enhance your everyday look with sleek diamond-encrusted rose gold earrings, or build your own identity with rings and necklaces that are designed to be stacked and layered.

Explore ALINKA’s range of minimalist monochrome diamond pieces, and sculpturally daring white, yellow and rose gold fine jewellery.

How do I store fine jewellery so it doesn’t tarnish?

To preserve the quality of ALINKA fine jewellery and safeguard from potential damage, it’s important to store these pieces correctly. Keep your pieces in a clean, dry and dark place so that moisture and sunlight aren’t able to bleach or tarnish your jewellery. Pieces with sharp gemstones should be separated and stored individually as they may scratch and damage other jewellery. Gold is particularly soft and malleable which means that it is more susceptible to scratches. We recommend that you cover your gold pieces with a piece of cloth for added protection. When travelling we recommend packing your pieces in the ALINKA Jetsetter jewellery case. The box is lined with a soft fabric and includes internal compartments so that your pieces remain separated, secure and protected.

How do I look after fine jewellery?

While ALINKA jewellery is delicately crafted, it is made to last. To preserve the elegance and beauty of our gold pieces, make sure to protect your fine jewellery against harsh chemicals and prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoid common household cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia as this will cause damage to gold alloys. ALINKA jewellery uses exceptional quality white and black diamonds, which in comparison to other gemstones, are incredibly durable and need little protection. However, diamonds are a magnet for dust and oils and can get dirty quickly if not cleaned and stored in a dry place. To retain their sparkling shine, avoid touching diamonds with your bare hands.

How do I clean my diamonds and jewellery?

As the majority of our pieces are made from gold and cut diamonds, we recommend cleaning the jewellery regularly in warm water and soap. Soak these pieces for a few hours and scrub lightly with a soft brush. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean and sanitise harsher dirt marks and damage, however, make sure to avoid using bleach it will impact the colouring of the precious metal.

Why is gold used to make jewellery?

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals used to craft fine jewellery. For thousands of years, it has been valued for its beauty and treasured as a symbol of rarity and elegance. Gold is one of the most durable materials as it doesn’t react to moisture and air in the same way that other metals do, which means that it is impervious to rusting and corrosion. Pure gold is highly malleable too which makes it a great metal to craft the intricate designs of fine jewellery.

What is rose gold, white gold and yellow gold?

In its pure form, gold is extremely soft and malleable. Jewellers add a combination of different metals to fortify gold so that it can be crafted into a more durable piece of jewellery. Alloyed gold is available in rose, white and yellow colours and each has a distinctly unique beauty and charm. Rose gold has higher levels of copper than other gold alloys, which gives it a lush and feminine pinkish hue. First popularised in 19th century Russia, rose gold has a warmer more feminine hue and communicates a sense of romance. White gold is alloyed with nickel, palladium, zinc and copper, which gives it a white and silver hue. It’s incredibly durable and less prone to scratching in comparison to yellow gold. For an elegant and striking piece of jewellery, white gold is a versatile choice. Yellow gold appears the most faithful to it’s pure counterpart, retaining much of it’s golden hue. It’s alloyed with a combination of silver, copper and zinc to improve its durability for everyday wear. Yellow gold has the ability to elevate warm tones and add brightness to your look.

Are the diamonds used by ALINKA ethically sourced?

Ethical practice is at the forefront of ALINKA fine jewellery’s business methodology — our ethics are in line with the objectives outlined by the Responsible Jewellery Council. We source our diamonds in compliance with United Nations resolutions and the Kimberley Process and ensure that our suppliers also meet these standards.

What are black diamonds?

Black diamonds are natural diamonds — like white diamonds, they are precious and naturally made gemstones. However, they differ due to naturally occurring inclusions. The more inclusions, the more opaque the stone is, and the more intense the black colour. This also makes them the perfect stone for those looking for a more dramatic or monochrome look.

What is the difference between black and white diamonds?

Black diamonds present a different kind of glimmer to white diamonds. White diamonds internally refract lots of different colours (the sparkle), black diamonds reflect light off the surface, which creates the unique shimmer of a black diamond. ALINKA black diamonds are set in solid 18 carat white gold which is finished in black rhodium, which complements the diamond and creates a contemporary aesthetic with attitude Black diamonds are still natural gemstones. They fall within the same overall diamond qualities. However they are graded differently to white diamonds, and are instead selected for their surface lustre and even colour distribution, with the more opaque black diamonds being more desirable.

How do you wear black diamonds?

Decadently and with attitude! Black diamonds are a great way to add an edge to an outfit. ALINKA jewellery is designed to be mixed with existing pieces in the collection. You can mix black and white diamonds together, though we advise to stick with 18 carat white gold as this creates a cleaner look. Our ethos with jewellery is that it has to feel right to the wearer. Jewellery is sentimental, it should be an extension of you. Each piece should accentuate your personality, rather than wear you.

Explore our range of rose, white and yellow gold jewellery

For a modern and sophisticated look that is transferable from day to night, explore ALINKA fine jewellery’s best selling pieces. Discover premium white and black diamonds and elegantly crafted white, yellow and rose gold jewellery. Our jewellery can be found in major fashion capitals like London, St Petersburg and Moscow and online via Farfetch. Visit us at our flagship store, located in Sydney’s Double Bay to witness the excellence of our craftsmanship in person.